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Main Grades available

  • PS-1 Mixed Wastepaper
  • PS-3 Supermixed Wastepaper
  • PS-4 Box Board Cuttings
  • PS-6 News
  • PS-8 De-Ink News
  • PS-10 Magazines
  • PS-11 Corrugated containers
  •          80/20 OCC
  •          90/10 OCC
  • PS –13 NDLK Corrugated Cuttings
  • PS-27 Flyleaf shavings
  • PS-30 Hard White Shavings
  • PS-33 New Coloured Envelope Cuttings
  • PS-37 Sorted Office Paper
  • PS-38 Sorted coloured Ledger
  • PS-40 Sorted White Ledger
  • PS-42 Computer Print Out
  • PS-43 Coated Book Stock

Grades specification - All grades of wastepaper are based on the specifications of the USPS (United States Paper Stock) standards terms and conditions, relating to quality, outhrows & moisture content.

Other grades are available from time to time along with off spec reel lots.



DriAll Australia Pty Ltd has developed a client base that stretches from south of Korea to as far west as the sub-continent of India and beyond. Please offer your inquiry to the contacts points for a speedy response to your enquiry.

Please use our email, phone or fax, as listed on our front page for your convenience.


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Paper being baled for export

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Newsprint awaiting container loading

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Reel lots

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